The Beginning.

Hrm, what does one put here? I suppose an introduction will be best.

Hello! I’m Ben. I was born in England and was raised on cartoons. I have always had a love of both artistic and entertainment based media. My many interests, in no particular order, include traditional art (although I work digitally), animation, voice acting, dramatic arts, early morning walks, food, sleeping, music, and generally having fun.

I would describe myself as an artistic eccentric individualist, but I’m really not that pretentious. Honest. I would like to take on the world, and share my interests, talents and passions with others, and maybe even gain worldwide fame and success, who knows?

I’ve had a lot of time to myself to just sit down and think about what I want to get out of the time I’ve got on this Earth. I have many areas of interest, and I would like to think I am skilled enough to pursue any one of my talents as a career, but the reason I chose to study Animation at this University is because I believe it would the most rewarding outcome and allow me to be an independent content producer. I mean ARTIST.

I’ve been animating since 2006, when I discovered the program Serif DrawPlus at my high school. While I look back, that program was extremely basic and lacking in real professional capability, it nonetheless jumpstarted my interest to animate by giving me the chance to create hands-on frame-by-frame animation.

However, I started to tire of using the program, as it didn’t meet the requirements to be a professional piece of software, with frequent crashing, loss of progress (that ultimately delayed an animation of mine for SEVEN YEARS), no way of importing soundtracks and very buggy and limited way of exporting and publishing animations as movies. So I had to move on.

That’s when I came across Adobe Flash, and what a glorious program it was. I looked over many video tutorials by other independent animators such as Harry Partridge and Chris O’Neill, and dug the Animator’s Survival Kit out from the bookshelves, which happened to be the essential book for any aspiring animator, that these videomakers themselves recommended, and based their animating tutorials on.

After getting Flash, and after some minor frustrations with setting it all up, and getting used to how it worked, I steadily adapted to this extremely versatile and capable program, turning out silly little storyboards, doodles, and even a few fully animated shorts, such as StickKnights and Stream Silliness, viewable on my [url]YouTube channel[/url] (Advisory: some of the content is a but RUDE!)

Fast forward a couple of years and things have gone a bit quiet. I am still using Flash every so often for vector art, developing my skill as an artist, mostly just drawing cartoon characters and developing my own unique art style and experimenting with character design. My Flash Animation has kept a low profile as I mostly make projects for my own personal amusement. However, I believe this is a good a time as any to take things up a level, and throw myself into the world of professional animation, crack down on this passion of mine, and really make something of myself. My past experience and knowledge will be instrumental on this journey, and I feel ready to take on the whole world. I think.

Well, I hope I have made enough of an impression. This blog will now serve as my work journal, which I may use to document my progress throughout this course, and have something to look back on each week to keep me going. It’s hard for me to keep at something as work-intensive and demanding as animation, but I must simply try to hone my skills and do a little more until the workload becomes an afterthought.

And so my journey begins.