Creative Project: Cast of Characters

Here is the rough for my creative project so far:

creative project rough

In the center of the design is my new digital self-portrait, which you can see me make piece by piece by clicking this link here.

Around me are various characters that I have created over the years. Though these characters are from very old cartoons of mine and I wouldn’t show them off, I’m going to talk about them anyway because I think it might get some interest, and also I think it’s a valuable exercise to look into my past and learn about myself.

Cast of Characters

Morocco and Abitaka


Dated: Original 6 episodes, October 2003 – August 2004

Last appearance: “Creative Project”, May 2015

Current Status: Discontinued

An attempt at a “mature” cartoon set on an aquatic planet home to warrior tribes of fish, with a cast of characters inspired by the Simpsons, a story inspired on Blizzard games such as the Warcraft and Diablo series, and music taken from sound bytes from an old CD-ROM called Deep Voyage. It ran for 6 episodes, written by my brother and myself. Only Episodes 1 and 3, written by myself, were finished. More was planned for the show, such as a second series taking place in space, a feature-length movie, and a future timeline series. They were never made.

The series is a personal project that I do not recall fondly nowadays and it will not be released. So great was my shame of the show that from 2007-2008, I went to great lengths to hide the earliest versions of the first episodes, trying to remake them and destroy the old copies, changing Morocco’s name to Mackkaro, because Morocco is an actual place in Africa, and come on, giving your main character a name like that is just stupid.

However, I decided to redesign the characters specifically for the Creative Project, and I have been thinking of rebooting the series and doing a proper job at writing it, and these characters are still memorable to me, and I believe the show has potential.

Rocky and Angry Ed

r+ae r+ae new

Dated: Volumes 1-4, August 2003 – August 2009

Last appearance: Path of the Righteous, October 2012

Current Status: Discontinued

This was actually a cartoon meant to take place within the cartoon Morocco and Abitaka. Since that show was based on the Simpsons, R&AE was based on Itchy and Scratchy. It was a sketch cartoon about mindless ultra-violence that the protagonist, Rocky the Dinosaur, would deal unto the antagonist, Angry Ed the Dustbin. Oddly enough, Rocky was meant to be conveyed as a friendly and lovable character, but his only personality trait psychotic murderous tendencies would tend to suggest otherwise.

Despite its flimsy premise, R&AE saw a much greater success with its audience (my brother and myself), and got three 12-episode seasons, or volumes, with a fourth volume planned, but left unfinished. A huge and varied cast of characters was added to the show with varying levels of depth (ranging from one to TWO whole personality traits), while the titular Rocky and Angry Ed received a lot of character development and personality over the show’s running time. I recollect the series much more of a fondly than I do with Morocco and Abitaka, the show it was meant to originate from. After the initial four seasons, the show still proved quite a source of amusement long after episodes were being made, as episodes were remade in a highly satirical manner, redubbing the dialogue to be even more ridiculous.

Rocky and Angry Ed underwent a lot of remaking and visual redesigns, the latest being an update to Rocky’s design made in October 2012 (mostly just his feet – my brother and I argued SO much about what his feet actually resembled). Angry Ed’s design has remained mostly intact and he has been used as a generic villain in my other Powerpoint-related works.

Three days after Rocky’s redesign, an all new R&AE reboot episode Path of the Righteous was made in October 2012. No new episodes have been made since.

The StickKnights (StickKnights)


Original Air Date: 2007-2010 (Original movie), Flash Remake – April 2014 – present

Latest Appearance: StickKnights Part 3: The Forest Fight – 18th September 2014

Current Status: On Hold

The first of a new generation, and the longest running in-development animated series that I actually want to finish and show off publicly. You can read about these guys in depth by clicking here!

Othal (GodHood)

othal pencil scaledOthal Mk II shadow

Date Aired: July 2011 – March 2013

Latest appearance: “Battle on Hallowed Ground”, April 2014

Current Status: On Hold

A huge and ambitious project by my brother and I to make the next best cartoon in the universe. (Whether we succeed or not is another matter entirely.) Currently on hold due to having of a ton of ideas and design concepts done for it, but we are unsure how to proceed with it and get the project started.

An animation of the first episode was done in DrawPlus, but it is missing voice acting and a soundtrack… and is a bit dated.

Currently this project is on the down low, and may undergo some changes from how it is now, so there’s not much to show.

“Scotty” the Cat

scotty cut out scotty irl

Back in England, he was a cat from the neighbourhood who seemed to adopt us as his second part-time owners. Living in Norfolk from 2007-2011 wasn’t the best experience we had, but having “Scotty” (that wasn’t his actual name, just the name we gave him) befriend us was quite an unforgettable experience.  Especially when I stopped him from eating a baby bird. To commemorate the times we had, I have immortalised “Scotty” in my art.

Cartoon Ben and James

okukikuben 2014

jimmy old new jimmy

Original Creation Date: 2004

Latest appearance: “8000 subscriber milestone”, February 2015

Current Status: In use

Digitised avatars created for my brother and myself. As we grew up and my artistry skills improved, our avatars have undergone lots of changes over time to better match our actual real life appearances.

Square (The Adventures of Square)


Original Air Date: June 2005 – July 2007

Latest Appearance: The Adventures of Square, 2014

Current Status: In use

Square is one of my more simple concepts, now a fully-realised and highly acclaimed standalone game, for some reason. Read up on this purple fella by clicking here!


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